Eliminating Bias in the Resume Review Process

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What's This All About?

When screening candidates for positions, we often rely on resumes or LinkedIn profiles to gauge the candidate's experience and education. However, studies have shown reviewers often penalize candidates based on gender, race, age, and school/business pedigree. Something as simple as the name of the candidate often reveals their gender and race. The year someone graduated from college can indicate their age. School and business names can be used as proxies for real experience and knowledge.

The results show significant discrimination against African-American names: White names receive 50 percent more callbacks for interviews.

This project was inspired by the rising number of women in orchestras after the introduction of screens during auditions to hide the candidate. You can read more about my motivations and how it was built at blog.50projects.com.

Using data from actual auditions in an individual fixed-effects framework, we find that the screen increases by 50% the probability a woman will be advanced out of certain preliminary rounds. The screen also enhances, by severalfold, the likelihood a female contestant will be the winner in the final round.